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Much ado about Kate

Now then welcome to the ULTIAMATE FAN PAGE for Kate. This is the MOST ACCURATE and up to date page on the web about the one and only Kate Newman- NOT ONLY is it the best designed - it is also the best because the wonderful person this site is dedicated to - is also the AUTHOR ! : ) you won't find BETTER info on the life and times of Kate- the most wonderful gal in the world than here!! Hey - do you think I talk about myself too much? Nah... I am so wonderful EVERYONE wants to hear about me! You will enjoy all the aspects of this site. Nothing will prepare you for all teh wonderful things you will learn about Kate. So sit back, relax and prepare to be amazed by the wonderful life of Kathleen Lorraine Newman!!


well well well... you came here to learn about me... hmmmm...well what can I tell you. I was born in a log cabin...nonono THAT's not me!! ok let me try that again... I was born in England nearly 20 years ago and not long after I moved to Canada. I made the decision of course-My parents were iffy about it- but I did all the research and told them that Canada was the place to live ( I was all of 6 months old at the time- VERY bright for my age!) ANYWAY I have lived in Toronto Ontario ever since.

My Family

See... I know nobody wants to hear about my family but THEY DO and they give me money so I have to humour them. My father is 3 days older than Moses, and my mother was Medussa's best friend. Now on to my siblings. I am the oldest of three. My younger sister Elise ( or Leecy ) is 18 - only 15 months younger than me ooooh kind of cool- She is heading off to Australia on some amazing exchange programme for her OAC year ( well 6 months of it ) She leaves at the end of November and won't be back until school is almost done- lucky little snot. Then of course there is Christopher. Chris is teh baby of teh family - he is 16 - I know- not much of a baby- but his maturity level is that of a 2 year old. He is currently in Grade 11 at Upper Canada College and he is living in Residence. well there is my family for you!

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