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Since I am a music major- I have dedicated a page to my music. What I like, what I play, sing, listen to- and all that good stuff... now if only I could get a recording contract...
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Music girl!
I am a music major- ( well music education) but I was a music major throughout high school as well and I have been in several choirs ( Toronto Children's Chorus is the most prestgeous) and I absolutely love music. Most people are going to think I am geekiy for saying this - but I love Mozart, Schumann,Schubert, Beethoven, JS Bach, Faure and others. My real passion is Jazz- if only I had the voice of Billie or Ella- Life would be sweet!Oh well I can't have it all. I am a huge fan of french chanson and german lieder. For Anyone Familiar with the Royal Conservatory of Music ( or RCM) I enjoy list B vocal pieces. I have achieved my ARCT teacher- with first class honours. It was quite a feat finishing all that music history, harmony and counterpoint- but it paid off in the end.

I also compose my own music. Not popular music though - although some folk rock style. I am not very good at it- but I am required to do it for University - and I was required to compose in High school as well. When I am not singing, or playign piano- my passion is the cello. I chose cello in grade 5 when we started instrumental music at mini claude ( claude Watson School for the Arts in Toronto) And I enjoyed it so much. I played in teh string ensembles at mini claude and when I graduated to Earl Haig secondary in grade 9, I joined the chamber strings, and the orchestra. Being in the claude watson arts programme has given me the opportunity to spread my wings and try new things.

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